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Press Kit

Produced on
June 27th, 2022

Fort Wayne Groove Metal
Fort Wayne, Indiana


Pharohound are a groove metal band based out of Fort Wayne Indiana. Signed by Biohazardous records and fueled by a high profile endorsement with Bang Energy. They skillfully combine the grooving elements of Lamb of God and Pantera, with a syncopated intensity reminiscent of Gojira. Sprinkle on a touch of Pink Floyd's psychedelia and you have a unique sound of metal that Pharohound has used to win fans over nationally. Recently finishing a successful Midwest/Southern/North Eastern tour through the states. Pharohound has shared the stage with the likes of: Dying Fetus, Soulfly, Brand of Sacrifice, Vitriol, The Last 10 Seconds of Life, Terror, Like A Storm and many other national/international metal acts. Formed in 2017, the band has maintained the same lineup from the beginning. Their debut EP, Chaos and Chemistry was released in 2020 and was followed up by 2022's Murder of Crows. Both albums combined have reached over 120,000k Spotify plays with nothing but word of mouth to promote them.



Audio Tracks

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